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First Day With The Campers: A Song And Dance

Today was the first day the campers were here. While most of the day was spent meeting all the children and making sure everyone was settled in, a lot of preparation was done for the opening ceremony taking place that night.

One of the age groups that I am a counselor for is children 10-11 years old, and they needed a song and dance that would be presented to the entire camp. They needed our help thinking of a song and dance, and while normally this would be a task I would not be confident in fulfilling, I (along with two friends) took on the challenge without a second thought. After about ten minutes of discussion with the kids, we came up with a routine and spent the next hour teaching it to them.

Seeing the children do the dance perfectly in front of the entire camp that night made all of the hard work worth it. First, I was moved to see how happy the kids were to be at the camp and to be the center of attention. I understood how much this place means to them, and how the concept of camp and community can bring people together and strengthen Jewish bonds. Second, seeing the kids perfectly perform something I had taught them gave me confidence in myself as a leader and teacher, and also showed me the impact that I can have on others.


It is difficult being a counselor at a camp where I speak a different language than the campers, but today’s dance proved that with effort, the language obstacle could be overcome and meaningful things achieved.

Jason Woronoff, 17, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a camper at Camp Ramah in the Poconos for eight years and participated in Ramah Israel Seminar this summer. He is entering his senior year at the Upper Dublin High School, where he plays lacrosse.

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