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Experiencing Krakow with Ramah Poland Seminar

Rabbi Mitch and Cari Cohen traveled with the Ramah Poland Seminar for four days.

Friday, June 29

This morning, we prayed at the Isaac shul in Krakow.  Reb  Isaac was a poor peasant in 17th century Krakow. He yearned to have enough money to find an appropriate shidduch for hIsaac Synagogue, Krakowis daughter. According to legend, he found a buried treasure and became a most generous community donor, building a beautiful synagogue in Krakow, since known as Reb Isaac’s shul. This magnificent shul thrived for hundreds of years, but was damaged and defaced during the Shoah, when all its congregants were murdered in nearby Auschwitz.

Today, our Seminar participants brought Jewish life to a holy place which for decades has lost its glory. Aaron Zell, from Ramah Wisconsin, led a beautiful and inspirational service for one of our Seminar groups, including participants from Darom, California and Wisconsin. The backdrop was stunning, with a high ceiling and walls adorned with tefillot and Judaic symbols. Reb Isaac’s shul came alive with the sounds and words of prayer.


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