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Our New Generation of Ramah Leaders—In Their Own Words

By Guest Blogger Amy Skopp Cooper, National Assistant Director

I’ve been back from the 2012 Staff Leadership Training Program for a couple of weeks now. It’s difficult to capture the sense of excitement and accomplishment that we all felt during this week of amazing leadership development. But when I re-read the evaluations from our remarkable participants, I was once again inspired. I hope that you will also be moved by the enthusiasm of these tzevet, all of whom participated in the Winer Institute for Rosh Edah Training:

“Getting to know and spend time with the next generation of Ramah leaders was incredible – the creativity and passion of the other participants was inspiring and made me more energized for the summer.” (Paula Sass, Ramah Berkshires)

“At times the task of being a Rosh Edah can be overwhelming, but having an opportunity like Winer to learn, not only with incredible mentors but also from peers at other camps, helps to reinvigorate me for the summer ahead. Being at Winer really allows me to feel the faith and pride this organization has in me.” (Myra Meskin, Ramah California)

Ramah Nyack Tzevet at 2012 National Ramah Spring Leadership Conference

“We learned here that ‘Big dreams lead to extraordinary actions.’ Winer allowed 36 amazing people with huge dreams to come together and share ideas, fears, and advice. By the end of this summer we will (hopefully) produce extra extraordinary chanichim!” (Kailey Feldman, Ramah Canada)

“It is an amazing feeling being surrounded by so many others who do and love the same thing as you. We may be separated by miles, traditions etc., but we all love Ramah, believe in its mission and work to create a stronger Jewish future.” (Hannah Goodman, Ramah Darom)

“For someone who has never been a Rosh Edah before, the Winer Institute has made me feel more confident in my abilities. It has prepared me in areas I may have been worried about at first, and now I am confident that the summer will be fantastic.” (Merav Bayar, Ramah New England)

“Collaborating and learning with Rashei Edot from across the movement is inspiring and energizing. I look to the summer more invigorated and confident as a Jewish leader and educator. Ramah’s commitment to training its leaders speaks to the continuing success of Ramah camps.” (Ilana Sidorsky, Ramah Nyack–see photo above, front row, far right)

“It’s a truly great thing to hear about the experiences and traditions at other camps. We can take a lot from each other. Especially right now for the Roshim, when we are building a foundation with traditions and systems, it is great to hear what works best and what traditions are the most long standing and memorable.” (Hannah Samet, Ramah Outdoor Adventure)

“Winer has been an incredible experience for me; a week ago, I was nervous and worried about this summer. [Now] so many questions have been answered and I feel ready to become a Rosh Edah.” (Corey Bass, Ramah Poconos)

“Winer was the most powerful and informative leadership training experience I have ever been a part of. The combination of learning from professionals who have been in the field for years and from counselors who have had these jobs before, and active incredible experiences like energetic ruach and shirah session, came together to create the ultimate learning environment. I also loved meeting new friends and peers who will be doing the same job as me this summer, and I feel much more confident in my own abilities.” (Josh Warshawsky, Ramah Wisconsin)

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